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Investing in
ground-breaking science

A rapid and flexible investment vehicle to scale radical technologies into successful ventures


Nutrecon is an expert investment fund designed to initiate and accelerate the development of disruptive companies.

We operate to support teams with large and ambitious visions, the investment level is flexible and depends on the reach of each case.

This is a unique investment vehicle focused on radical innovations aiming to solve global challenges.

Venture Partners

Alejandro Antalich

Mr. Antalich is the former Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Company ICC Labs Inc. (TSXV), the first publicly traded company in the world to sell cannabis to a federal government, bridging the gap between the stigma behind certain controlled substances and regulators. Through strategic foresight, determination, commitment, responsibility, teamwork and passion, he led ICC Labs to its successful sale to Aurora (TSX) in November 2018, one of the largest participants in the industry, a $300 million transaction. An entrepreneur and investor with a commercial instinct and vision towards business growth, with expertise in public markets, mergers and acquisitions, corporate strategy, medtech and foodtech sectors, pharmaceutical industry, operations, manufacturing and product development. A savvy negotiator that manages unique relationship building skills. Focused on innovation, biotechnology, biomedical sciences and clinical research, he also leads Biomind Labs Inc., a Canadian publicly traded life sciences company specialized in fast acting psychedelics and tailored drug delivery systems targeting specific therapeutic indications. He sits on the boards of several companies.

Tuula Palmén

Mrs. Palmén has 20 years of experience in Finnish innovation and industrial policy. She has participated in planning and execution of national and regional strategies focusing on life science, biotech, pharma, food, digital health, medtech and sustainability. She led the development of Finnish synthetic biology ecosystem and its integration to global ecosystems in 2018-2022, and Health Capital Helsinki to create the basis for the Helsinki Metropolitan region to become one of the leading health hubs in Nordics and Europe in 2015-2018. She was responsible for the development of the life science field in Oulu 2006-2015 and in Helsinki 2003-2006. She received her Ph.D from the University of Helsinki in 2003. She also is eMBA from Hanken School of Economics & SSE in 2020. Further, Mrs. Palmén has over 10 years of experience in international business in sales and marketing, in medical device, diagnostic and biotech industry at KONE Corporation, Tamro Corporation and Immuno Diagnostics.


Synbio Powerlabs will enable the development of disruptive biotechnologies with precision fermentation, from lab-scale experiments to large scale pilot runs.

Latest investments

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