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The next generation of disruptive companies built from
ground-breaking science

A rapid and flexible path to scale radical technologies and innovations into successful ventures


Nutrecon is an expert vehicle designed to catalyse and accelerate the development of synthetic biology

Our mission is to empower exceptional teams who push the boundaries of science, with a focus on addressing urgent, unmet global needs. 

We strive to provide customized and innovative solutions that can create a positive impact on a global scale.

Are you challenging the limits of science?



Production of novel food, high-value materials and chemicals, without compromising natural resources.



Enabling the future of digital data storage by using genomics outside the medical field for sustainable, efficient and long-lasting data conservation.

Advanced protein


High-yield and low-cost production of food-grade proteins for human consumption strengthening sustainability and sufficiency.

Venture Partners

Alejandro Antalich, ​CEO and Chairman of the Board - Nutrecon

Mr. Antalich is the former Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Company ICC Labs Inc. (TSXV), the first publicly traded company in the world to sell cannabis to a federal government, bridging the gap between the stigma behind certain controlled substances and regulators. Through strategic foresight, determination, commitment, responsibility, teamwork and passion, he led ICC Labs to its successful sale to Aurora (TSX) in November 2018, one of the largest participants in the industry, a $300 million transaction. An entrepreneur and investor with a commercial instinct and vision towards business growth, with expertise in the medtech and foodtech sectors, as well in the pharmaceutical industry, operations, manufacturing and product development. A savvy negotiator that manages unique relationship building skills. Focused on innovation, biotechnology, biomedical sciences, medtechnology and clinical research, he also leads Biomind Labs Inc., a Canadian publicly traded life sciences company specialized in mental health and tailored drug delivery systems targeting specific therapeutic indications, and EvokAI Creative Labs Inc., a Canadian publicly traded company dedicated to the development of transformational and innovative technologies for the modern healthcare sector, offering integrated AI deep learning to brain health. He sits on the boards of several companies.

CEO and Chairman of the Board
Timo Pakarinen, Chief Strategy Officer - Nutrecon

Mr. Pakarinen is a seasoned financial expert with a remarkable track record of success in guiding major corporations to new heights of strategic excellence. With a career spanning more than two decades leading notorious corporations, he has become synonymous with visionary thinking, transformative strategies, and unparalleled results in the corporate world. Mr. Pakarinen is a visionary strategist and a driving force behind the success of multiple companies he has been operating with. His expertise in strategic and financial planning, acquisitions, transformation projects, costing, and pricing brings incredible value.

Chief Strategy Officer
Lotta Lavonen, Head of Corporate Affairs - Nutrecon

Lotta Lavonen is a driven business professional and law expert with international experience in global boutique investment banking, specializing in strategic planning and risk analysis. Thanks to a strong background and diverse experience in go-to-market strategies, in-depth market research, and customer profiling techniques she has deep understanding of transactional intricacies and complex investment environments. In her team she is recognized for exceptional communication abilities and analytical skills to interpret complex financial data to provide vital insights for impactful decision-making. Lotta is passionate about bridging the gap between finance and law to have true impact on the financial-legal arena, leveraging her international insights and expertise.

Head of Corporate Affairs
Dario Forneris, Senior Portfolio Development Advisor - Nutrecon

Dario Forneris is an expert business developer and design strategist with a strong background in circular economy, product development, and expert communication. With extensive experience in design, leadership, and sustainable innovation he has a Bachelor’s in Industrial Design (Honors) and a Master’s in EcoDesign (Honors). He is a passionate advocate of design methodologies applied to bio-innovation and technology development.

Senior Portfolio Development Advisor


Synbio Powerlabs will enable the development of disruptive biotechnologies with precision fermentation, from lab-scale experiments to large scale pilot runs.

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